Primal's Taboo Sex - Alexis Fawx - Son Becomes a Man

Primal’s Taboo Sex – Alexis Fawx – Son Becomes a Man

My mom is so excited to see me off to college, but we discover that our room only has one bed. She calls the front desk and this is all that they have left. We will just have to make it work. I loan her my clothes to wear since she usually sleeps in the nude, but as I’m watching her sleep, I can’t help but admire every inch of her body. the temptation is too strong and I softly touch her pussy and grope her huge tits. She wakes up and realizes what I’m doing, but she seems okay with it. In fact, she starts caressing her hard nipple before sliding her hand down my pants, reaching for my hard cock and starts rubbing her pussy. I just have to taste my sexy mom and I end up making her cum with my tongue. She is so turned on now that she puts my big, hard dick in her mouth before sliding it inside of her and riding me as her big tits bounce and she’s moaning with pure pleasure. I fuck her until I cum inside of her and she lets my cum ooze out of her pussy.

My mom is working out in the gym and I can’t help but admire how tight and round her ass looks in her spandex. She starts stretching and the temptation becomes too much. She is startled when I can’t contain myself and grab her ass. I came home all the way from college just to have some more of my smoking hot mom. She asks me what am I doing and warns me that my dad is taking a nap in the next room, but I can’t contain my desire for her. I lift up her sports bra and grab her huge tits. She tries to resist, but finds it very hard to as I rub her pussy through her tight workout pants. I end up fucking her all over the workout equipment and blowing my huge load on her sexy tits.
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