Primals Taboo Sex – Carolina Sweets – Snuggling With Daddy

Carolina and her Dad are staying at a hotel for the night, only there’s only one bed in the room. Forced to sleep beside each other, Carolina snuggles up to her Daddy, sneakily touching him inappropriately while he sleeps. She starts rubbing his cock lightly and puts his hand on her pussy. She starts to feel a little more daring and pulls her panties away from her pussy, rubbing his fingers against herself lightly. When she begins to get a little too eager, he wakes up, realizing his dick is hard and she is next to him with her pussy out!

Carolina lies down next to her father. She fondles him. She wakes him up by having his hands stimulating her crotch. They kiss. He licks her pussy. She blows him. He fucks her missionary and sideways missionary. She rides him cowgirl. He fucks her some more in sideways missionary and he cums all over her ass.

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