Primal’s Taboo Sex – Nina Hartley Crush on her Son Part 1 & 2

Your mom massages your back and legs.. notices your hard-on. She gives you a handjob and blowjob then rides you and moves into missionary, ends with you cumming on her stomach. Second part is more of the same… she gives you a handjob you fuck her doggystyle and missionary you cum inside her.

“Nina’s son comes home from the gym and his back is klling him. She always used to rub his shoulders and now that he is so grown up it is hard for her to not be as affectionate as she used to be. Well Nathan is feeling pretty tore up so he is really grateful for his mom’s tender touch. Nina is realizing every second just how much has changed in how she sees her son, and she lets her hands and her feelings go where they will

Nina has been feeling great about finally giving in to her crush on her son. Nathan comes in to talk to her, he wants to apologize for what happened, and thinks he should probably go away for a while. The last thing Nina wants is to go without her son and she shows him he has nothing to apologize for”

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