Primal’s Taboo Sex – Raven Hart – Gives You “The Talk”

Part One

You’re looking for a bit of “alone time” when mom knocks on your door. Wow, sound really travels in your house. Mom heard your conversation with your girlfriend the other day. All the things you were trying to get that girl to do. Mom really doesn’t want to be dealing with the angry older brothers and furious fathers that may come looking for you if you have your way with any of the girls from school, so she’s decided you’re better off learning from her. She can teach you and take care of everything you need without you having to deal with inexperienced or gossipy girls. Mom’s all you’ll ever need.

Part Two

You’ve been texting the new girl you’re dating. It’s not like it’s your fault you’ve been craving the touch of a woman so badly, and mom’s about to head out on a date. She struts in wearing a sexy red dress that barely covers her curves. After looking at that, you’re supposed to be left with what, just some sexting? That’s not going to cut it, and mom can read that on your face. Maybe she can spare a quicky before she runs off to dinner. Besides, unlike the girls from school, mom really knows what she’s doing.

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