Primal’s Taboo Sex – Taylor May – My Slutty Sister’s My Christmas Present

My slutty sister is trying to look at her presents before Christmas. She has no idea that I’m watching her so I scare her and then tell her I’m going to tell our parents I caught her. I tell her I know a present she could give me and I won’t say anything. She used to give me that present all the time. She says she’s never doing that again and we were young. But finally, I find a way to convince her.

I sneak into my sister’s room while she’s sleeping. As I move the sheet away from her body, her pussy is left exposed so I decide to touch it to see if she’s wet. When she freaked out and woke up, she started yelling at me and I asked her if we could just do it again. Then I tell her I’ll tell Mom and Dad about us fucking and that’s the only way it’ll stop. That freaks her out enough to say what we’ve been doing is normal and that she likes it too. Then she shows me how wet she is.

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