Princess Ellie Idol – Stress Relief For Boss Man

It’s late at night and you’ve called in the only employee who is still there at the office to try and fix a computer. She tries to troubleshoot but has no luck and can tell you’re frustrated. While she can’t help with your tech issues, she can relieve some of your stress. Your employee backs up and grinds her shiny yoga pants-clad ass on your cock. While you know it’s a liability to fool around with someone who works for you, she’s giving you the green light to go ahead and touch her ass once she drops her leggings. Underneath she has on a silky black thong that accentuates her booty and makes you want to touch her cheeks. When men are stressed out they just need a little release so she’s going to help you out. It’s exactly what she does with her husband at home when he gets this way. She wants to keep this little affair hush-hush and with so much to lose on both sides, you agree. She unzips your trousers and puts your hard dick into her mouth. She confesses she’s been thinking about it for a while and so have you. You didn’t know you had such an eager-to-please slut in your office and you’re pleased to have her working under you. You don’t give a fuck about the computer anymore as that stress melts away. Now you’re focused on her building up that heavy load in your sack so you can deposit it into her awaiting mouth. All that stress? Gone with a swallow.

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