Princess Nikki – Slave Bathes in Piss from several Mistresses

Princess Nikki has been around for some time. She is the main mistress in a house living with several other girls where random slaves visit and serve the women of the house. There is a good amount of piss and scat femdom involved, but some more sanitary femdom as well. She also goes under the name of Nikki Cruel and Nikki Thorne and did a few more mainstream porn scenes as well.

Nikki, Anette and another girl have man in a minipool. They spit on him and slap him with a whip. Anette tries to piss on his face but nothing comes out. She later pee a glass full of piss and the man drinks it fully. He then sucks on her tits and gets spit in the mouth. The third girl stands on him and splashes piss from the pool over his face and in his mouth. There is probably a piece ofthe video missing, because it cuts out and suddenly he is fully drenched in piss… She then lets him put his face in her ass letting him smell and lick her asshole. She turns around and lets him put his face in her pussy.

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