Real_Rencontre – Niykee Cruz – Thick Canadian Hired By DP & Cheating

Heading to the office, we were about to put our stuff before going home after such intense day of work… However, we were kinda surprised by one applicant still waiting at the door… Most of the company job’s interview starts at 8am, but seems like she came at 8pm! Introducing herself as Niykee, and he’s surprised to see her here at such late time… She wasn’t bothered until I revealed her the situation… her shiny smile vanished was replaced by real distress.. After I asked her that I’d discreetly put her name on the toplist for the 2nd day recruit session, if she shows her tits… Nikyee was embarrassed and refused, so we left the basement… but she cannot accept the fact she came from Canada, she quit her job and even convinced her fiancee! Reconsidering her options either she accepts to have a second opportunity instead of flying back to Canada Niykee couldn’t give up on her dream, inviting us to touch her, slowly starting to enjoy it… a little bit too much…

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