Riley Reign – Pull My Braids Daddy

Riley came over to kick it and chill. After playing a game of pool, things got playful, Jay Hefner started kissing on her as both were standing by the couch. One thing led to another, and within a couple minutes Jay had his BBC out and Riley was going to town on it. They waste no time, and Jay gets her on her back putting that 10″ BBC slowly in her as she exhales. It’s too much dick all at once, so Jay takes his time gliding his BBC in and out of that tight pussy of Riley’s.

While on top of her, Jay lets a long spit go into Riley’s open mouth, which she then sticks her tongue out and swallows- She a freak! She gets to sucking on Jay’s low sagging balls, because every lady out there should be taking care of the balls, not just the dick when she’s giving head. That’s what a true freak does! Jay gets back in the saddle pounding Riley long and deep, while having his way with her. She loves when pleasure is applied, and that’s exactly what Jay Hefner is doing to make sure she gets the most maximum pleasure.

Once Riley is opened up enough, Jay starts giving her backshots. Riley with her golden pigtails provides Jay with the opportunity to pull on those two long tails of her and ride her, taking her to pound town, like only Jay Hef knows how to do. The looks on Riley’s face as he’s thrusting in deep, each and every stroke evoking her to just exhale in pleasure and keep on taking a pounding is incredible. She feels the need to ride Jay’s BBC and straddles him long and deep, throwing that big ass natural Southern booty of hers all on Jay’s cock, making her pussy super wet, as you can see her juices flowing down Jay’s BBC. He turns her around and gets her on the floor standing up, starts giving her standing up backshots, which this flexible freak is up for, putting one of her legs up in the air to let Jay pound her as deep as possible.

Jay puts her on the couch and starts spooning with her, giving her what she wanted, slutting her out. Jay puts Riley on top of him, letting her ride him in reverse, and after some deep intense pounding where you can see Jay’s BBC and low sagging balls gyrating all over the place, Jay blesses Riley with a huge load of cum all across her stomach and upper body. These two truly showed a lot of chemistry, and Riley certainly enjoyed being taken to task, getting slutted out by Jay Hefner.

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