Robomeats – Aria Alexander – Cheap Date

Alright, everyone knows new relationships are fun, but they can also be really annoying to deal with. Aria has been dating this guy for a few weeks, and she’s just kind of totally over it at this point. She’s taken him out almost every day this week alone, and he never gives anything in return. He’ just kind of a freeloading scumbag, honestly.

So tonight, when he shows up at her place and starts asking where she’s going to take him, she sits him down and tells him what she’s been thinking. She tells him she’s tired of giving without getting anything in return. I mean, she’s paying his rent. Yeah, he did her dishes, but only after he ate all her groceries. That she paid for.

He doesn’t understand why she keeps coming down on him like this though. He just wants to go out and have some fun but she’s making this into a thing. But he’s being stubborn. So she tells him she doesn’t want to be his girlfriend anymore. He doesn’t really believe her, and he tries to give her a back rub or something. He really wants to make up for whatever it is he did to make her mad. But she tells him to get out.

He tries to negotiate with her, but it’s so hard to have a conversation with her when she’s like this. So, he decides to take matters into his own hands. Or his wrist, rather. Where his special fancy watch is. He slaps it and she stops in her tracks immediately.

Well, now he at least gets to have some fun tonight without dealing with her sassy business. He touches her, fondling her as she stands still in the same position. Then he poses her around her own house, touching her hot ass and her tits. He takes off her skirt and kneels her on the ground in front of him.

She’s so damn sexy. After fucking her face for a while he places her on the couch. Then he eats her pussy before he fucks her in a few different positions on the couch, making sure to do a few he know she likes, to make up for whatever she’s upset about.

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