Robomeats – Body Snatch – Alice Whyte

Beautiful Alice sits in the living room reading her magazine when Maxxx come’s in, tablet out to have some fun with his roommate. He presses the button activating his timestop app and freezing Alice in place. He takes his time with her, posing her first on the floor raising and lowering her arms, bending and flexing her narrow wrists. He picks her up, sitting her down on the couch and continues to peruse his posing pleasures. He has fun with her legs and limbs, before lifting her up and beginning to strip the still seductress. He peels off her coveralls, revealing her maroon body suit. He flops her down on the couch and continues to remove her clothing until she is stark naked. Lifting her leg gives us a fun view of her perfect pussy. He rolls her over so she is bent over the couch. Her ass cheeks slightly part, almost inviting his hard cock. He rubs her pussy before pulling out his cock and pushing it into her. As he fucks her, he poses her head to look at him and her arm up like a french girl. He flips her over to continue his imposition on her pussy, posing her hands above her head and her leg on his shoulder. He fucks her until he can’t stand it anymore and his balls explode inside her.

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