Robomeats – Dorm Room Timestop

Ivy and the dorm room security officer Miles are having a chat about their college experience, Ivy is just starting out and Miles is working on his doctorate. Classes are tough, partying is fun, just the usual trappings of college. Miles picks up a discarded watch, something left over from a party last week. As he plays with it time magically comes to a full stop.

He waves his hand in from of Ivy’s face, getting no response. He unfreezes her and the conversation returns to normal, as if time had never stopped. He tests the watch a few more times until he is satisfied is works correctly. He pretends he is leaving before freezing Ivy one last time. He quickly strips, his cock rock hard, his hands positioning Ivy onto the floor opening her mouth.

He slowly fucks her mouth, guiding his cock down her throat, pushing her head forward. He’s ready, but he must make sure she is too. He gets on his knees and eats out Ivy’s tight, shaved pussy, getting her nice and wet. He fucks her frozen body, hoping time will not restart on its own. He flips her on top of him as she rides him, his hands guiding her up and down on his cock.

He picks up her up off the ground and fucks her in midair, his strength keeping her pussy locked onto him. He lays her back on the couch where he shoots a massive load across her stomach. He quickly cleans himself up, and gets dressed. He dresses her as well, putting her back to normal. He taps the timestop watch but nothing happens. He taps it again, still nothing. He exits the room, deciding he will not be putting this in his daily log!

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