Robomeats – Olive – The Hard On – Feeze Time

We spy on Olive as she heads into what she hopes will be an extremely relaxing massage. She’s had a rough few months and needs to unwind. She strips down, revealing her rockin’ boobies, and climbs onto the massage table. MaX the masseuse enters and begins oiling up Olive’s back.

Intrigued by Olive’s sensational body, MaX uses his timestop watch to freeze the poor girl. He removes her pesky towel and wastes no time familiarizing himself with the previously hidden regions of her lovely body. MaX gropes and poses Olive til his heart’s content. He fucks the well-oiled soles of her little feet before plunging his cock into her tight pussy, then finally finishes explosively in Olive’s mouth.

MaX repositions Olive on the table and places the towel back on her ass. He goes through the motions of giving a normal massage and unfreezes Olive. She’s none the wiser and seems to be feeling very refreshed from the session. Maybe she just needed to get laid…

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