Robomeats - Olive - Wife Swapper Time Stopper

Robomeats – Olive – Wife Swapper Time Stopper

Olive, Miles, Maxwell Bhear and Brock – Miles is newly married and has brought his two army buddies home to his wife, Olive. He introduces his buddies, and asks Olive if she could fuck them and give them a good time. Olive refuses, and tells them to leave. Angrily Miles apologizes, but Max tells him that he got him a fun gift, a timestop watch…and if Olive won’t give it up, they can timestop her and take it. So the guys go back and ask her again and point out a massive dildo that is on the counter, she grabs it and hides it and tells them to leave again. Miles timestops her and she freezes, finally they can have their fun. They start to strip her and put her dildo in her mouth and make her hold onto it with her frozen mouth. They lay her on the table and start to lick her tits and pussy, then Max goes to fuck her timestopped mouth while Miles eats her pussy. Then Miles and Max switch, and Miles fucks her face, while Max fucks her frozen pussy until he cums inside of her. They decide that they should take her to the bar while still frozen and lend her out some more.

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