Robomeats – Zoey Laine – Dr. Hypno

Zoey goes to see a hypnotist to help her quit smoking. He explains with a little help she can lose those cravings and be healthier without them. But unknowing to Zoey there is something else up, Miles has actually hired the Dr. to make her into being his slave and do whatever he instructs her to do the next time she hears a sound from her phone.

Later on Zoey’s phone receives a message which actives her programming and sends her to Miles. At first he has a little fun with her, making her pose, undress and dragging her around on her hands and knees by her hair.

He soon moves on to making her suck his cock and deepthroating him like the slutty little slave she now is. This is then followed up with a little bit more fun where he slaps her pussy with his foot and starts spitting in her face.

Having had is fun and warming himself up Miles then starts the real fun and has Zoey get up on the bed where he fucks her tight little pussy doggy style, sideways and missionary before he pulls out of her and cums all over her face and in her mouth. She takes it like he wants like a good slave

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