Selena Ryan – Mommys Butt Milks You Over And Over

Step-step-mommy is here to help you drain your swollen balls… over and over and over again, all over her big juicy bubble butt! The clip opens with Step-step-mommy getting back from the grocery store. She unpacks her groceries and notices that you’re not feeling well. You tell Step-step-mommy that your balls ache, and she asks to take a look. Seeing how swollen and full of semen your balls are, Step-step-mommy tells you that she thinks you need to walk around the house naked for a few days so you can more readily relieve yourself. The next day, you find Step-step-mommy reading in the living room. Her big butt is spilling out of her jeans when she turns around to see you staring. She is caught off guard when she sees your penis out, but she tells you that she wants to help you release and empty your swollen balls. You shoot ropes of cum all over Step-step-mommy’s big bum and she still asks for more! Step-step-mommy tells you to run along and do your homework while she goes to shower up, but your balls aren’t empty yet. You follow her to the bathroom and watch her shower. When she notices you, she calls you inside for a closer look, opening the shower curtain so you can spray more semen all over her big soapy ass cheeks. After Step-step-mommy finishes showering, it’s time for her yoga. Your balls are still aching and full of cum, so you follow her to the fitness room to watch her stretch. She is surprised that you can have any cum left but is determined to drain you. Step-step-mommy’s special medicine is just what you need! She pulls her yoga pants down exposing her perfect brown asshole and sexy little pussy lips. Once more, you shower Step-step-mommy in your seed. After, knowing how tired you must be, Step-step-mommy tells you to go close your eyes for a bit. She comes to check on you and even after all of that releasing, you still have swollen balls! Step-step-mommy needs to milk you even more and does so with an assjob, your cock between her juicy MILF buttcheeks. You nut in her crack but she still wants more, so Step-step-mommy finishes you off, milking one final load out of your nuts with a titillating thigh job. Nothing does the job like Step-step-mommy’s medicine

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