Shadowslaves – Introducing Alora Lux

alora lux is nude and immobilised in a leather Chinese finger trap cage, as she awaits Will Hunt to begin her training as a ShadowSlave. Seeing no reason to release the helpless girl, he hoists the cage off the floor, and lays into her body like a piñata, with a long bullwhip, a heavy dog whip, and a thin fibreglass cane to her trapped breasts. Suitably subdued, she is allowed out of the cage, and made to stand against a whipping post as he further tears into her ass, back and breasts with a multi-tailed whip, and a short single tail, until she is crying in desperation.

But there is to be no mercy. Made to brace herself between two beams, she must endure a beating with a heavy sjambok, and a massive judicial cane, until she collapses to the floor in a sobbing heap. Hunt tramples her prone body, and binds her hands to rings in the floor, to hold her in place as the whipping conitinues. Pulled upright once more, she is hung by her wrists as the whips and canes relentlessly pound her helpless flesh. Finally released, she collapses once more in a tearful puddle as he tramples her under his boots, and leaves her alone to consider her new life.

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