Superheroine Destruction – Alex Blake – American Dream Crushed

The American Dream is the paramount of the American Way. Truth, Justice, and Freedom for all. These are the principles which course through her Superheroine veins.

Gustav Saurez is polar opposite. A South American despot, who reportedly was trained in genetic and chemical engineering by elements of renegade Third Reich members.

Gustav is in the process of enacting his most despicable attack yet. He’s filled a school with hundred of gallons of a highly toxic nerve agent primed by a powerful explosive.

The American Dream is tipped off to the exact whereabouts of Gustav’s planned attack and is en route to intercept and stop him.

Arriving at the school, American Dream searches for the weapon. Within moments she’s intercepted by Gustav. Confronting the tyrant American Dream demands to know the exact location of the weapon.

Gustav informs American Dream that the entire thing is just an elaborate ruse to draw her to him. His agenda, to fight, defeat and humiliate American Dream.

American Dream springs into action ready and willing to engage in combat. Tossing Gustav across a desk with the greatest of easy, she takes the upper hand. Powerful punches and kicks bring her to the verge of victory before the deplorable Gustav blows a nerve agent in American Dreams face!

Now, American Dream is under Gustav’s control and he intends on showing her just what defeat and humiliation look like!

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