Superheroine World – Issue 55 – Psycho Bitch Hates Star Girl

The super villainness known only as “Psycho Bitch” (Alex Coal) absolutely HATES Star Girl (Emily Addison). So naturally she finds out where Star Girl lives and breaks into her apartment, and then attacks her! Naturally the young villainess is no match for the superhuman Star Girl, and is swiftly defeated. But she escapes from the police and comes right back! Once again Star Girl humiliates Psycho Bitch, knocking her around and even spanking her! Again Psycho Bitch is taken into police custody, only to escape once again–and yep, breaks into Star Girl’s apartment yet again!

Only this time it’s different–a few vicious low blows allow Psycho Bitch to gain the upper hand! Soon Star Girl is being rendered utterly helpless, as Psycho Bitch targets her vulnerable pussy and big soft breasts with knees and claws and punches! Star Girl is completely defeated! Psycho Bitch drags the already-dominated Star Girl into the bedroom and ravishes her with a strapon! (hardcore) She then pummels the heroine’s head until she’s all but gone!

Star Girl has superhuman healing powers, however, and, weeks later, is still gradually healing. While healing Star Girl goes in and out of a semi-comatose state–so when Psycho Bitch shows up in a sexy nurse’s outfit, the cruel villainess can do whatever she wants to the completely defenseless heroine! She subjects the weakened Star Girl to a vicious yet sensual domination session, complete with breast claws and punches and nipple biting and belly punches and even a special oil that makes Star Girl even weaker!! Is this the end of poor Star Girl?? It certainly looks like it!

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