SweetFemdom – She Owns Your Manhood – Alex Coal & Charlotte Sartre, Borrow My Boyfriend’s Ass (2018)

Charlotte Sartre is in her kitchen with Alex Coal. She just told Alex that she can borrow her boyfriend, Lance Hart’s, ass anytime she wants. Alex is super happy about it. She hasn’t fucked a guy in the ass in a while.

“Once thing…” Charlotte tells Alex. “Don’t let him cum. He’s not allowed to. I mean, if he does end up cumming, I guess just tell me about it and I’ll destroy his balls for good…”

Alex smiles. She knows just what to do. The two girls play with each other’s tits and giggle.

Alex Coal has Lance bent over in bed. She’s wearing a pink strap on with a rodeo underwear harness. She fucks his brains out in a few different positions, then starts playing with his rock hard cock.

“Wait, what are you doing?! I’m not supposed to cum. Charlotte’s going to cut them off if I cum.” Lance begs Alex to stop, but she just smiles and keeps stroking his cock while she slides her cock in and out of his ass.

“Oh I know. It’s really going to hurt…”

Lance desperately tries not to cum, but it’s been so long and she’s fucking him so good and stroking his cock perfectly. She milks a huge load of cum out of Lance and tells him he’s screwed, shrugging her shoulders because she doesn’t care.

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