TabooHeat – Sophia Locke & Cory Chase – On Vacation With My Step Mom

Sharing a Bed

My step-mom, Sophia, is so excited to take me on a mother-son vacation this weekend! While she is driving, she pulls her dress down, which exposes her big tits! When we arrive at the AirBnB, I notice a huge pool out front! When I walk into the AirBnB I notice that there is only one bedroom, so I assume that I’m going to have to share their bed with my step-mom. Sophia sits down on the bed and she pulls her tits out again, while spreading her legs at the same time. She allows me to grab her tits and feel them up first! Then she pulls my cock out from under my pants and she starts to give me a blowjob. She lies down on the bed in the missionary position next and I start to fuck her pussy. She flips over into the doggystyle position and I keep fucking her pussy from behind. She moans that this is the best vacation she’s ever been on! I cum deep inside of her MILF pussy and it feels so good.

Nothing But a Towel

My step-mom, Sophia, just got out of the shower and she’s already ready for round 2! I just woke up, and she’s already crawling into my bed. My step-mom starts to give me another blowjob and she notices how hard I am getting! She lies down on the bed so I can fuck her pussy in the missionary position next. She flips over into the doggystyle position and her moans get louder and louder! I keep fucking her pussy until I cum inside of her again.

Hot Super Host and Morning Facial

My step-mom pulls a red bikini out of the drawer, and she slips it on. She notices the blonde MILF Super Host at the AirBnB is tanning nude out by the pool. Sophia sits down inside of her bungalow and she starts to pleasure herself while she watches the blonde MILF outside. I walk into the room and I catch my step-mom masturbating! We rip off her red bikini and she starts to give me a blowjob. Then she bends over so I can fuck her pussy from behind. My step-mom is leaning against the glass as I fuck her, and she’s still watching our host tan in the nude outside! We arent sure if the super host can see us fucking or not, but we don’t mind if she can see! We decide to move over to the bed, so my step-mom can lie down while I fuck her pussy. When I am ready to cum, I jerk my cock off into her mouth and on her face! She swallows it all like a good step-mom!

3 Sum With Hot MILF Host

I walk into the gym at the AirBnB and I catch my step-mom hooking up with our AirBnB super host named Cory! Cory’s face is in between my step-moms legs, so I decide to get behind Cory and fuck her pussy from behind. Before I stick it in Cory, I double check with my step-mom that its okay that I fuck another woman. Sophia tells me that it would turn her on to fuck Cory in front of her! Cory lies down on her back next and I keep fucking Cory while my step-mom sits on Cory’s face. I fuck my step-mom’s pussy next while she kisses Cory’s lips. I fuck Cory one last time, and I keep fucking her until my cock is ready to explode! Then, I jerk my cock off into my step-moms mouth. She kisses Cory and the two MILFs swap my cum in their mouths!

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