Tropic City Heroines – Twice as Nice The Violation of Wonderbabe feat. Kendra James & Wenona

Lana Andrews is just returning home from a hard day of work at the DA’s office. She is surprised by Lady Dementia who wants her to ignore the evidence against her and work on other cases. She even offers a bribe. Lana is insulted and stands…she spins…and turns into….Wonderbabe. Lady Dementia is surprised, but decides this will make her victory even greater. Luckily for Dementia, she brought her secret weapon which robs her victims of their powers. Once she uses it on Wonderbabe, she is very weak. She attempts to put up a fight, but Dementia overpowers her and puts her in a choke hold. She binds her hands behind her back and steps on her cheek. Wonderbabe is getting scared. Lady Dementia spends the rest of the video humiliating Wonderbabe and turning her into her bitch. She spanks her, makes her lick her boots, makes her suck her strapon and lubes her up with baby oil and feels her body. And thats just the beginning. Then its time to ballgag her and fuck her pussy with the strapon. Once she tires of that, she turns her over and fucks her in the ass. Once done, she binds Wonderbabes ankles and to make her feel like a whore, inserts a couple bucks into her boots. Then Lady Dementia is off, leaving Wonderbabe to think about her humiliation.

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