UltraFilms – Eva Elfie, Lika Star, Sasha Sparrow, Sybil – One Mistress and Three Kittens

Scene stars the beautiful Eva Elfie, Lisa Star, Sasha Sparrow, and Sybil. Sybil is the dominant one in the film and considered “The Mistress” and the other 3 are the submissive “Kittens.” As the mistress, Sybil claims one of them was smoking and checks which one was smoking by kissing them on the lips. Neither of the girls admit it, so Sybil flips them over and spanks each girl on the ass with a leather jockey stick. Still not admitting it, she makes makes each girl eat her out while she’s on the couch. Then Sybil takes turn eating each girl out on the couch. When Sybil leaves, the remaining girls masturbate. Eva ends the scene saying it was a sunny day!?

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