WCA Productions – Cory Chase – Massage From My Friends Hot Mom

Scenes 1&2
when i got hurt at practice i was supper pissed, the next day my best friend Luke told me his mom Cory wanted me to come over to her house after school. when i got to the house i let myself in and found Mrs Chase sitting at the kitchen table. she told me that she gave massages for a living and thought she could help my leg and have me playing again by the weekend. i agreed right away and asked when we could get started. she said Luke was still at practice and her husband was at work and she didn’t have any other clients booked so we could start right away. once she finished working on my back she had me turn over and that’s when i realized i had a problem, my cock was rock hard and poking out from under the towel. i have no doubt she noticed and i swear i caught her checking it out a few times. i had always had a huge crush on her and now here i was hard as a rock in her living room with only a towel keeping me from being completely naked in front of her. some how i managed to get through the rest of the massage without jizzing all over the place. she told me to go ahead and get dressed and that she would see me tomorrow after school! that was yesterday so today when i got out of school all i think about was getting the massage. i let myself in like yesterday know that Mr Chase would still be at work and Luke was at practice. i found Mrs Chase or Cory as she prefers i call her sitting in the kitchen. she asked how i was feeling and i told her i was already doing better, my couch new i was rehabbing but he wanted me at the second half of practice still. so that meant when my massage was over i had to head straight to practice. Cory said that was fine and with that she walked me over to her massage, told me to get undressed and under the towel then left the room. once Cory finished the back massage she told me to flip over and started working on the front of my leg. like yesterday my dick was rock hard and i decided to take a risk. i asked her why people had to wear a towel during a massage? she told me it was for people to feel more comfortable and that a lot of her client didn’t wear a towel during the massage. she gave me an opening and i went for it, i asked her if i could take the towel off, i told her it would make me feel more comfortable. she thought about it and said it really wouldn’t be appropriate since i was friends with her son and being so young and still in school. i begged a little and she made me promise that it would stay between us, i agreed and off came the towel. my dick bobbed up and down, Cory looked straight at and i tried to apologize. Cory smiled and told me not to worry about it, she said it happens to guys all the time. i knew the massage was coming to the end so i made my next bold move. i told her i had a little problem, i said that i had to go straight back to practice and i couldn’t walk into the locker room with my dick this hard. she said she understood and asked if it would just down, i told her i stayed hard for hours and i swear i saw the lust in her eyes flair up! she asked if she could trust me, i told her she could. she told me that she would take care of my problem for me but no one could ever know. i agreed and she reached out and started jerking me off. my friends hot mom stroked me till i came for her then she sent me off to practice saying shed see me tomorrow after school!
Scene 3
When school got out i didn’t waste anytime, i got in my car and drove straight to my buddy Luke’s house. i knew Luke wouldn’t be home, he was going to be at practice the whole time and his dad was going to be at work. i would still have to be at practice too by my coach was giving me half of practice off to rehab my leg. couch really wanted me to place this weekend and if getting a massage helped then so be it. so i walked into Luke’s house and found his mom Cory waiting for me. we made a little small talk then she told me to go undress and get on the table. once i did that we got started! after she finished my back she told me to flip over, my dick was hard but she covered me with the towel and started working on my legs. right away i asked her if she could take the towel off me, i told her i was more comfortable naked, she giggled and agreed. my rock hard boner was bobbing up and down as her hands rubbed up and down my leg, i was so turned on and zoned out for a little while. we realized we had went over out time and i need to get to practice. she agreed but then we both looked down at my dick and i reminded her i couldn’t walk into the locker room with a boner. she agreed to help me like yesterday but she was worried i wouldn’t be able to cum fast enough. i agreed and shyly asked of she could use her mouth, she thought about it for a minute then made up her mind. she reminded me that this had to stay between us.i agreed and told her i wouldn’t tell anyone, Luke and Mr Chase would never know. with that she leaned down and slid my cock into her mouth. she started deepthroating me and it took all my self control not to cum. I told her i was sorry it was taking so long, she pulled my dick out of her mouth and said it was ok. she told me i had to get to practice and she had another client coming over soon so we had to hurry. she asked if there was anything else she could do to get me to finish, i asked her if she could maybe take her top off and to my surprise she agreed! having my topless friends hot mom suck my dick after she gave me a massage was awesome. she swallowed my load with out any complaint and sent me off to practice. as i was leaving she told me she would see me tomorrow for my massage.

Scene 4
today was game day, my leg was feeling great so i was going to be able to play! i owed it all to my friends hot mom Cory and her amazing massages. i wanted to get one more massage before my game so as soon as school got out i drove straight to my buddies house! i knew Jason would be saying after school to watch game film with the coach and his dad would still be at work so that meant i would have some more alone time with his mom Cory. i got to the house and found cory in the kitchen wearing a short pink dress. we made a little flirty small talk then she told me to get undressed and on the massage table. Once she was finished with my back she told me to flip over and she didn’t bother covering me up with a towel. my dick was just sticking straight up and she had a huge grin on her face. i told her i felt bad because i felt so comfortable being naked and she should be too! she smiled and stripped naked in front of me, she asked if i wanted to celebrate the fact that i was playing in the game tonight. i told her hell yeah and she crawled up on the table between my legs and started sucking my dick! she asked if i was close to cumming, i told her no and she said good with a naughty grin on her face. she straddled me and lowered herself on to my dick and we started fucking! right before i came deep in her pussy she made me promise to come over for a massage before every game and fuck her brains out!

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