WorshipTheWolfe – Stealing Superman’s Power

Janira Wolfe is a beautiful extraterrestrial being with dreams of taking over the Universe. While Her species is far more advanced than the homo sapiens on Earth, She still needs more power to accomplish Her goal. After years of watching Earth’s Clark Kent turn into a Superhero, She’s come to believe that if She can combine his superpowers with Her natural powers, She can finally acquire all the power necessary for total Universal takeover. Now, She’s come to Earth to enact Her plan to steal Superman’s power…

Through the years spent observing Superman, Janira has observed that, though brave and powerful, Superman is not the most intelligent of humans. So, luring him into a hotel room with a fake “damsel in distress” is all too easy.

Then, of course, the disappointment of being tricked causes Superman to let his guard down long enough for Janira to sneak up and kiss him with lips covered in kryptonian glitter. She continues to lick and kiss his pretty face until he is weakened enough for Her to tie him down to the bed.

Once She has Superman tied to the bed, Janira mounts him with a special cock strapped on that allows Her cum to ejaculate into him, and his powers to be sucked back up into Her, impregnating Her with a little one that will be born the most powerful being in the Universe!

Now, all Janira has to do is fuck Superman’s ass to completion, and the plan will be complete.

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