Xev Bellringer - Mommy's Warm Vagina

Xev Bellringer – Mommy’s Warm Vagina

Honey you have to take off all of your clothes, even your underwear. And quickly! Get under the covers, we can’t risk you getting hypothermia. This is the only way to get warm again, we need to hold each other naked for as long as it takes! I lost my sleeping bag when I fell into the river, but it’s good thing we’ll be sharing for body heat.

Oh dear, you’re still shaking so much! This isn’t enough, I need to get on top of you. Do my legs wrapped around you feel warm? I’ll rub my body up and down yours to create heat… There we go, much better. No sweetheart, I can’t get off of you until you stop shivering.

Is something wrong? Honey, wh-…oh dear. Why is that happening right now?? What are we going to do, we have no choice but to be in this tiny, tight sleep sack together all night! Your penis… it’s so hard. You’re poking my leg, maybe if we move a little bit so it’s not–OH! Oh no, your erection slipped in between my thighs. Now it’ll never go away.

How could you have sexual thoughts at a time like this? And about your mother! Well I like hugging you, honey… but this is as far as it goes. I love you too. What’s gotten into you, you never give me kisses like this. Oh dear, honey, what did I tell you about going too far. This is only making you more excited! It’s all slippery and wet between my legs now, we need to get your penis out. It’s too tight, something bad might happen.

Don’t move, let Mommy fix this… there’s barely any room to move and it’s so slippery. Just keeps going in and out and–OHH!! Oh… honey…. don’t move. I’ve made a mistake. Your… penis slipped inside of my vagina. It’s not your fault. We have to get you out of me, sweetheart. Stop moving honey… No, I need to… ohh! Oh my God… this feels… so…

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