Xev Bellringer, Princess Leia - Bratty Sisters Converted To Sex Bots

Xev Bellringer, Princess Leia – Bratty Sisters Converted To Sex Bots

My two bimbo sisters are obsessed with partying and dumb jocks. Its all they ever talk about when they’re not insulting their nerdy brother… me. But being smart has its perks, I made a nano-bot conversion chamber out of their closet. Once they’re turned into obedient robots, Ill be able to do anything with their sexy bodies anything I want. This is what they get for making fun of me all of those years. The trap was set, I watched and waited in the bathroom as the brats got ready for their party that night. They were getting undressed – I finally got to see them naked! But as I was shifting with a raging boner in my pants, my sisters caught me. They called me a pervert and made fun of me before turning to find some shoes to go with their dresses in the closet. The doors slammed shut and my machine fired up with them inside. It worked! My sisters were trapped in that chamber until the process was complete. A few minutes later, the doors opened back up. My sisters walked out, utterly transformed. The nano-bots had replaced their clothing and everything under the skin. Even their movements were different, calculated. They stood in front of me awaiting commands from their master. Perfect. Now is my chance to use them the way they deserve to be used. First, I wanted to test the robots’ responsiveness with a few simple orders. They were prompt when commanded to take each others tits out and spank one another. I then ordered them to rub their little robo-pussies and to enjoy it. Just watching them masturbate and hearing them moaning got me rock hard. I couldn’t wait any longer. I had to feel my robo-sisters’ mouths all over my cock. Fantasy includes: robots, taboo, double blow job, facial, sisters, brat girls, voyeur, nano-bot conversion, female training, women following orders, robotic sound effects, spanking, self groping, lift and carry, female masturbation, moaning, stockings, heels, topless, pov

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  • Some Other Guy 7 years ago

    I’d hate to bother you, but the video tells me it “cannot be loaded” whenever I try to play it. If you could fix it at any point, that would be great. Thanks!

    • Fetishman 7 years ago

      no problem buddy, actually since yesterday this video has been downloaded more than 1800 times, so i am pretty sure there is no any issue in this video, please do check with other browsers such as google chrome

      • Some Other Guy 7 years ago

        Thanks for the advice, but I’ve tried with both Safari and Google Chrome.
        I’ve also been able to play other videos on this site, as well as and, so the cause could be from something that isn’t the browser.
        I hope that helps in figuring out the problem.

        • Fetishman 7 years ago

          its so weird . please do try with this one:

          if it doesn’t help, i will re-upload again

          • Some Other Guy 7 years ago

            I did try the Openload link. It did work. Thank you for the advice.
            However, and I hope it’s not rude to bring this up, I noticed that the Openload uploads for some of the videos on your affiliated sites have been removed due to copyright. If that happens and the one on here still doesn’t work, should I inform you?

          • Fetishman 7 years ago

            you are most welcome buddy, i am glad to hear that, regarding to removed links, we know about this issue , most of theses studios monitor our websites regularly ( maybe everyday) and report links, we should figure it out, maybe we add some new file hosting provider, its not necessary you inform us