XXXMultimedia – Nikki Brooks – Make Mommy Feel Beautiful Again

You watch as Mom adjusts her pink lingerie in the mirror. Ever since the divorce, Mom hasn’t had that glow about her. She’s tried going out on dates, but after so many failed relationships, she’s lost her self-confidence.

“Do you think Mommy’s pretty?” she asks as a frown covers her face. She turns back towards the mirror and looks at her aged body, “I feel like I’m getting older, and I don’t know, things are starting to…hang, and not be as perky. God, am I getting wrinkles?” She turns back to you, “What do you think? Is Mommy still pretty?”

Growing up you had always thought Mom was pretty. Her hair would flow flawlessly from her head, and she had the most beautiful smile. You never understood why Dad left her, but here she was, begging for your approval.

You continue to watch as Mom bounces her big chest and talks to herself in the mirror. “You know, for once, I would just like a guy to come up to me and say ‘God, you look beautiful today! You are radiating!'” And she was. Even if Mom was older, she was still beautiful to you.

“I don’t feel pretty anymore,” she says sighing at her reflection. Your eyes wander up and down her body, and although she’s not happy with how she looks, there’s something naturally sweet about her.

You’re not sure what to say, so you mutter out a shy suggestion for her to put her hair down, and she releases it from her brown hair clip. “Like that? Now is Mommy pretty?” she smiles at you. You can’t help but smile back, nodding your head yes, and she tells you that you’re the sweetest boy. “You, one day, are going to go up to a girl and tell her how beautiful she is, and how she radiates, and how you can’t imagine looking at anything else more beautiful,” she says looking at herself in the mirror, and then turning towards you.

You’ve never heard your mom talk to you this way before, and it makes you feel somewhat vulnerable. You had always thought she was confident and strong, especially after Dad left her, but even Mom was just human, and the way she looked at you now gave her away.

But then her tone changed. She started flirtatiously playing with the straps to her lacy bra, “You know, there’s different ways that guys consider girls to be…attractive. Sometimes it’s by how sweet they are,” she smiles. “By their smile, or their eyes, their curves, but DON’T be shallow. Come here,” she tells you, and you follow her to the bed.

“Sometimes guys show their affection in a different way,” she says unfastening her bra. “Like, um…touching a girl in a certain way. Can you touch Mommy in a certain way? It’ll make me feel better,” she smiles.

You’ve never seen Mom’s tits before, and hearing those words come out of her mouth makes your cock stiffen. “You’ll make me feel so pretty,” she says sweetly. Rather than wait for a response, she begins sliding her panties down, “What if I did this?” She faces you, “Mommy took everything off – does she look pretty? Do you wanna do stuff to Mommy?”

She asks if you’re excited “down there,” which you are, and gives you a big smile. She tells you that the reason she doesn’t feel pretty is because she’s lacking certain…stuff, “Do you wanna make Mommy feel really, really, really pretty?”

“Can you kiss Mommy?” she asks with her legs spread. Your cock is throbbing as she sweetly begins making out with you, and then she asks you to kiss her…down there. She wants you to make her feel beautiful, and she guides you on exactly what to do.

“You make me feel beautiful,” she smiles at you. “I’m the luckiest girl in the world.”

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