XXXtremeComiXXX – Melissa Moore – Black Canary

Thinking that she is just stopping a routine robbery, Black Canary confronts a dangerous looking man. He looks her up and down, her sexy, black skin-tight costume, high heels and fishnet stockings showing off her long legs and ample cleavage, and a smile spreads across his face. They begin to fight, but it becomes quickly obvious that this is not some random thief. Displaying a mastery of the martial arts, he easily renders Black Canary down on the couch and punches her face silly. The man handcuffs and gags the seductive superheroine, while she is incapacitated. She is rudely awakened by the man’s huge erection being forced inside her. Looking around frantically, she finds herself in a darkened lair, on a filthy mattress, bound and gagged. The desperate nature of her situation sinking in, her eyes go wide in terror when her attacker sticks a gun in her face, and tells her that if she resists or tries to get away, he will her. She sobs and screams while the man continues to thrust into her from behind, the fat cock brutally tearing her tender pussy open. Moans of despair come from her mouth at the feelings of helplessness and violation, as she used as a fuck toy, the man stripping her of her clothing and throwing her around like a rag doll. After agonizing minutes of being fucked like a whore, the man hammering into her while she’s on all fours, her body betrays her, and she cums loudly. Her defeat, her humiliation is complete, as the man laughs at her. She buries her head into the mattress in shame, just as the man grunts and climaxes. A sickness washes over her, as she feels the stiff meat within her throb and flood her cunt with goo. Satisfied, the criminal escapes, still laughing at Black Canary’s plight, while she can do little more than curl up and weep.

Black Canary gets the crap beat out of her on a couch, then when she is bound, handcuffed and gagged, the villain fucks her from behind when she is laying on a mattress. Then he rolls her on her side and fucks her in that position. Next he forces our hero on top of him and makes her bounce up and down on his dick. Finally he fucks her missionary and doggy-style giving her an unseen creampie. Our heroine is having a rough day!

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