Aria Allure – Hot Anal Dirty Talk

We are treated to blonde cutie Aria looking at the camera and asking if we want to fuck her tight little asshole. Pretty quickly she turns, caresses her ass cheeks, and then pulls down her boy shorts, all the while dirty talking. She then starts fingering her asshole and tasting her fingers, and repeating, again, while dirty talking and asking if we want to stretch her asshole out. She eventually faces the camera again and takes off her shirt, revealing her cute little natural titties. She eventually pulls out a plastic cock and proceeds to give it head, telling us how much she loves it and asking us if we like it. She eventually turns around and spreads her ass again, telling us she’s ready for us to stretch it out. She uses the plastic cock as if it were a dick, pushing it up her asshole and fucking her ass with it. Unable to control herself, she reaches under and starts rubbing her moist slit and hard clit. She lays on her side for a bit, then gets up on her knees again and starts spanking her ass. She pushes the dildo back in again, but this time impales herself on it, in her asshole of course. She rides the dildo in reverse anal cowgirl and back to doggy and finally back to her side, where she informs us she would very much enjoy us filling her tight little asshole with cum. A fake creampie and slight gape conclude the video.

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