Get ready for some bubble-butt action! Ashley has on her favorite buttlifter beneath a cute sundress. She tells you to go grab some lotion, lube, a bunch of tissues, a dirty sock— whatever you need to jerk off to her ass. Ashely first teases you with her dress on. When she shakes her ass, the skirt flies up, giving you peeks of her juicy booty. She encourages you to jerk off as she jiggles her butt. After teasing you for a few minutes, Ashley decides that you’re ready for her to take her dress off. She tries to slide it down over her ass, but that booty is just too big so she pulls her dress off over her head. Now it’s time to get down to business! Ashley tells you to stroke it as she twerks, bounces, slaps, claps and shakes her ass for you. She begs you to spray your load all over her cheeks

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