Ashley fires & Mint rose – The Devil In My Step-Daughter (10.26.2019)

My little Step-Daughter was growing up so fast. She was changing so much but something else was going on. Something not of this world. It started with her being distant and I just thought that was normal girlhood stuff but then it became these long far off gazes to nowhere. Then the weird talking started. Like a different language but one I had never heard before. An old language. Also she became abnormally sexual and explicit. Which is fine except it was towards me. Her own Step-Mother! I had done some research and found out she might be posessed. One night I woke up and there she was. She took off her nightie and started towards me then started convulsing and speaking the Devils words! I knew what I had to do. I must fuck the Devil out of my Step-Daughter!

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