BorderlandsBound – Jenna Hoskins & Brook – Mouth-Jammed Toe-Bound Interlopers in Tight Jeans & a LOT of Trouble

Two sexy, busty captive babes in skinny blue jeans and bared feet writhe toe-trussed and heavily gagged. Of course, they are PISSED, and mumble their huge dissent, but we cannot make out a word of it. Clearly, those dirty socks piled in behind those silver tape walls welding their mouths are causing them some distress. Gagging on those gags much, Girls? Ha. That’ll teach you to go poking those pretty little noses around where they are definitely not required!

Laying out the original premise behind this tale, which we re-cap from the cleave gag version of the adventure, we include an unseen segment of the remarkable Jenna Hoskins bound and gagged alone, her mouth tied hard with cloth. This took place BEFORE she and Brook wound up together, and is a prelude to all of the amazing tapegagged stuff. So, here’s the story, and the rest is all about the stuffed and taped hog and toe bound ordeal of the two snoops! And its’ all very hot indeed…

If only gorgeous Brook had shown up on time, super-busty Jenna might have been just a smidgen safer! Two of them would always have been greater in odds when confronting evil, but something leads us to believe that even then, they would have been bested. The masked fiend who takes them seems rather – single minded!

Jenna is investigating a lead on a missing persons case involving some old bootlegger (do the crims still bootleg? They do around here) who really shouldn’t be that much cared about. But the girls believe that we are all as one and irrespective of the illegality done by the old coot, if something rough has happened to him, they want to get to the bottom of it. Mac, as his name is (we’ve just discovered) is an informant and the ladies have been working him for the last two years. Now he is gone, they want to get to the bottom of it.

Enquiries have led to the Old PigSwill House. It’s as good (or bad) a place as any for an advancing in years bootlegger to come a cropper at. The thing is – it’s supposed to be abandoned. Avid Borderland viewers will know full well that it isn’t, and will not be in the least surprised when lovely Jenna, having removed her shoes to make less ‘snoop noise’ while searching for clues, is jumped in a second floor passage. Dragged, with a hand clamped tightly over her mouth – into a darkened room, she is chopped down and dragged into the shadows…

Trussed hand and foot, her mouth tightly gagged, the bewildered Detective Hoskins is soon on the move, shuffling on her shapely, denim-encased bum toward a door. She uses her amazing feet to get it open and starts navigating her way down the stairs. WHERE is Brook?? She could use some serious help here! Hopping around in search of her friend, mmmppphhhing wonderfully; the tit-bouncing Jenna finally rounds a corner and there is Brook, examining what appears to be a reading room!

Brook is more than a little taken aback. So much so that as she attempts to free her pal’s tightly knotted wrists, she BACKS right into the masked man who may or may not be responsible for the old git’s disappearance. He certainly is now responsible for hers and Jenna’s! With Brook being bound and gagged hard on the floor, the lovely Hoskins squirms around as amazingly as ever while all of that goes off.

The restrained snoops, well taken care of, are left to struggle. Surging around on the floor, trying desperately to get loose, gag talking all the while. It’s a fruitless endeavour – especially while hogtied! Yep, now we have the two babes getting their mouths stuffed up with old socks – apparently from the gym kit of the Colonel himself – yuck!! – and all slapped up facially with duct tape. Once the lunatic has near-sculpted that stuff onto their faces, applying more where needed to really seal that packing in, he gropes and humiliates the ladies… And then out comes the twine!

With the girls hogtied and most thoroughly gagged, repeatedly freaking out on what is in their mouths, they stretch and strain, flexing those gorgeous, dirty from their initial barefoot prowl, feet, this way and that. You know Jenna and lovely Brook too, and you know they can became very, shall we say, frustrated at being tied up and helpless and the turn on factor is at melting-point for those who enjoy clearly agitated and distressed beauties wanting OUT – especially with their exciting bare feet neatly restrained too. Have fun at the Old Dark House, Ladies, while we get in nice and close to you both!

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