Borderland Bound – Kitty & Imogen – Another Dark Encounter at the Hands of the NightSquid

That dastardly villain, NightSquid, has taken on a new guise – Baron Night – but he is still up to his old tricks, and, having bound and gagged his captives and fondled their tits, has left them to it while making his escape. Well, that was then and this is now. We join the two beautiful girl detectives lounging, sighing, stretching out all naked and warm on Kitty’s bed. At some point, having showered and relaxed, they will get into their costumes for tonight’s Gala Ball, where they shall be the guests of Baron Night, whom they do not suspect is also the NightSquid, the fiend who bound and gagged them in another life!

Lazily kicking back their manicured bare feet (curving these delicious appendages in all the right places) and discussing the Ball, the girls are in for a rude upheaval. The NightSquid has sent a pal, it seems, to restrain these two and thwart them once more in their mission! Tying them both up on the bed, he can’t (and doesn’t) wait to get thick tight gags bound in their mouths. Cleaved up most brutally (their faces say it all) the wriggling captives are groped, spanked and left tied up in here while the bad guy ransacks their pad, looking for top secret files to destroy.

Meanwhile, the ladies are writhing around bound and gagged, unable to speak, unable to get down from the bed with their ankles tightly crossed and lashed. All they can do is mmmmmmm and gggmmmm and press their tits into the bed. And that, believe us, should really be enough, but as always, there is much more to come. The Baron’s minion soon returns to tether the two straining cuties up into ultra-close pigties as they thump and grind their amazing arses this way and that. Thus hogbound, they are again mauled up and then left to struggle sensually on Kitty’s bed. Wow, they look awesome, but there could always be more things… done to them!
The look of outrage on dear Kitty’s gagged and incredibly beautiful face as he steps back in with a dirty sock ball he has found in her laundry hamper, is palpable, and while her pal is violently, exceedingly tightly strapped up ballgag style, she contemplates the inevitable. And now it is happening. Momentarily ungagged, she attempts to protest, and instead tastes dirty sock. This is then slapped straight back into her with several strips of extremely sticky silver tape. Her mouth frozen wide, tape sealing the whole mess up, Kitty looks amazing and with her pure green eyes flickering about the room, we are most likely feeling faint of heart as it is, let alone having now to check out how the wondrous Imogen is looking right now…

The dusky maiden twists and bucks magnificently in her major pigtie, her ballgagged mouth leaking drool, her body contorting as she fights as best she can her uncompromising wrist and elbow restraints, yes, to no avail. This guy has majorly bound them and gagged them and it looks like once again, the evil NightSquid, aka Baron Night, has the girls at his mercy. While they surge around, biting and chewing and mumbling and gag talking around their mouth obstacles, these thorough hotties will take you straight to where you need to be for your peak bondage experience.

Two highly animated, perfectly formed naked beauties thrashing about bound and gagged on a deluxe sixe bed the whole time seems pretty hot to us. Especially when it’s these two, milking every hip thrust and smouldering eyeball to camera, for all they are worth. They create a very real sense of being alone with you in this room. As though YOU are their captor, the one who is keeping them, the one who has all the control over them. And with the Baron’s Hench leaves to inform his boss that these two won’t be making it to the Ball, we get to keep them company. Not a bad deal eh?

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