Captain Marvel Gets Mesmerized and Fucked by Lex Luther

Lex Luther is sitting in his Spaceship orbiting the earth. He is going to launch a mind control satellite into the atmosphere that will give him the power to turn every human on the planet into a robot. He goes on social media to to tell the world of his plan and that no one can stop him. Little does he know that Captain Marvel is on her way to stop him. She flies around the planet then she shoots through the clouds and into space. She sees Lex luther’s ship and she flies to it. She blasts a hole in the haul and she flies inside the ship. Lex sees her and asks the girl who she is because she is from another universe. While Captain Marvel tells Lex she is going to stop him. He then laughs and he tells her that she is too late and that his plan has already worked. He points to a window in his ship and he has her look outside. She turns her back, puts down her guard and looks. That’s when Lex pulls out a micro chip to mind control her and shoves it in her ear. At this point Captain Marvel is under the control of Lex and he mind controls her and has his way with her. He has her masturbate, touch him, they do oral, they fuck and he shoots his load in her mouth and makes her swallow it. When he is finished with her, he goes on social media and announces to the world that he has fucked Super Marvel.

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