Ludella comes home to find a gift from a secret admirer. It includes a mysterious poem about how she’s sexiest when she regresses. She’s confused, and even more confused when she opens the gift to find adult sized Aww So Cute diapers, baby powder, and a Nuk 5 Adult Pacifier. She sets the gift aside, confused by its meaning and begins to read her book, but curiosity gets the best of her and she decides that it can’t hurt to at least try one on. She strips out of her dress and sits in the diaper on the floor. She powders her bottom and fastens the diaper. She starts by doing some posing and then tries out crawling in it. Soon she’s having fun and really getting into it. She bounces her bottom, making baby noises and crawls around on the floor and furniture in nothing but the diaper and her lacy white ankle socks while sucking on her pacifier. She’s so into it in fact that she does not notice her roommate is home. When he walks (POV style), she is so embarrassed that she jumps up trying to hide that she’s in a diaper and tells him she can explain once she gets dressed, but her roommate doesn’t want her to get dressed yet. She has to earn back her clothes by crawling around some more for him. She pouts and has a mini tantrum after crawling around for a bit.

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