Ludella Hahn – Santa Baby

Bossy Crush Transformed Into Babbling Baby

“POV has a hot and powerful female best friend. Problem is…he’s been in the friendzone for years, but things are about to change. While listening to his favorite late-night holiday radio station, he hears an ad from the “Age Regression Clinic” with the slogan “From Bossy to Baby” and he’s instantly intrigued. They say that they send a age regression formula that looks like water so that you can rest it into the drink of your significant other to have them brainwashed into daddy’s baby girl. He jots down the number and orders, hoping he’ll finally make his dreams come true by playing daddy to his high-powered friend.

In the next scene, POV thinks Ludella is just coming over to hang out like old times, but she’s come to say goodbye. “I just got an amazing job on the other side of the country. I’m climbing the coorporate ladder and making my dreams come true. I’m even thinking about having another baby. Because I can! Women CAN do it all. I’m an amazing wife, mother, and a powerful career woman. I’ve got it all and I’m going to keep climbing higher for bigger better things…so I need to go home and start packing because we leave next week.”

POV is stunned. She’s saying goodbye so nonchalantly as if their many years of friendship barely matter to her big and busy life. He needs to set his plan into motion IMMEDIATELY. He tells her she needs to calm down and learn to relax. He gets her a glass of water…but really it’s the age regression formula. She drinks it, though she puts up a fight saying that she is a completely capable woman who does not need to be told what to do. “You aren’t my father!” She chastises before finishing off the glass.

Suddenly she becomes woozy as the brainwashing begins to take hold. She gets very very angry at POV, telling him off for thinking she can’t juggle it all…and then she puts her foot into her mouth like a baby. Becoming confused, she storms off in a huff.

The next week she returns to talk to POV. She’s dressed down from her usual smart business clothes and her demeaner is more shy. “This past week has been so confusing. I’ve found myself thinking about my life…and well, I turned down that job across the country. I actually don’t even want to work at all anymore. I also don’t want another baby. I’ve been doing weird things like saying words that don’t make sense…and wetting the bed every night. My husband actually makes me rest on the couch now. And I find myself getting jealous of my own offspring, when my husband feeds them and plays with them. When they go to school, I play with their toys. It’s been so strange…I think there’s something wrong with me. My entire life outlook is upside down. Do you think I should go see someone?” POV nods and hands her the address to the age regression clinic (for her final transformation to take place.) He doesn’t tell her that part, of course. “Thank you! I’m so desperate I’m going to head there right now!” She scurries off.

Later that night, POV hears cooing coming from the living room and goes to investigate. He finds a baby Ludella wrapped in a blanket under his Christmas tree. “Da-da!” She says, reaching for a hug. Her blanket falls off and he sees she’s wearing nothing but a diaper. He’s so excited for his new baby girl…but he doesn’t know what to do. He plays with her for a bit, and then let’s her play with the rattle by herself so that he can call their work to tell them she won’t be coming in, but while he’s on the phone, she starts making a mess of his work documents, putting them in her mouth and crumpling them. He puts the phone away and begins yelling at her, which makes her cry. He immediately regrets that and tries to calm her, wiping away her tears. He asks what she wants and she says “Baba!” So he goes to get her a bottle of milk. When he puts it in her mouth she stops crying. He feeds her the bottle with her head resting on his lap, but she keeps spitting it up on her chest. When he wipes it, he accidently brushes her big boobs…which he then realizes he’s never had the opportunity to touch. The real Ludella would never let him squeeze her boobs, but baby Ludella seems to think it’s fun and is laughing and enjoying it. He keeps playing with them. She sits up and sucks on the bottle, encouraging him to play with them some more. So he does…for quite a while… She loves that he’s enjoying it so much. She loves pleasing her daddy.

In the next scene, POV is trying to feed Ludella, but she doesn’t want to eat her food and ends up knocking the spoon out of his hand and making a mess of herself. She starts playing with the food, rubbing it all over her big breasts. Then she grabs POV’s hands and makes him rub them too, remembering how happy it made him before. Suddenly she starts crying and screaming, “Potty!!! Potty!” because she wet herself.

POV then gives her a bath. He washes her and soaps her up while she sucks her pacifier and plays. And then suddenly she looks at POV completely returned to her old self. The formula wore off. She pulls the pacifier from her mouth and tells him that she remembers everything. “I’m not mad. You were right. I didn’t like my old life. I never thought I’d want you for a daddy, but I really really enjoyed you taking care of me. Please, Daddy…please regress me…I want to be your baby girl again, Daddy…” She begs seductively. POV gives her a bottle with the special formula mixed into the milk and she sucks it down, moaning as she drinks till she transforms back into the babbling baby.

Now it’s time for Ludella to go to bed so POV can get some rest. He tucks her in, gives her her pacifier, and kisses her forehead. She peacefully, sucking her pacifier. POV slowly creeps away, careful not to wake her, but just as he starts to open the door, she starts WAILING…wide awake. “Oh no…” he sighs, realizing this is a lot more difficult than what he had fantasized.”

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