Demii God & Coco Vandi – Visit From Wife’s Slutty Friend

Visit From Wifes Slutty Friend Part 1

My wife Coco’s best friend from collage Demii was having some trouble with her husband and need a break. she asked my wife if she could stay with us and my wife said yes. we meant Demii at the door, we made small talk and then i took her bags to the guest room. i found the girls sipping wine in the kitchen, i walked in and teased them a little then i asked if everyone was up for the pool. the girls said yes and Coco said Demii could use one of her bathing suits, we all went to get changed. i was in my room taking my shorts off when Demii walked in, i panicked and pulled my shorts up. u asked Demii what she needed, she said coco told her to get one of her bathing suits from in here. i found the suit and gave it to Demii and before i knew it she was stripping like it was no big deal. we just kept chatting while i starred at her naked body, she finished dressing and went out to the pool. i think im gonna like Demii visiting us!

This is part 1 of Visit From My Wife’s Slutty Friend, This series stars Demii God and Coco Vandi. this is a POV Milf Cheating strip tease scene, there is just female nudity no sex in this scene. this is just the beginning of a hot story.

Visit From Wifes Slutty Friend Part 2

I found my wife and her friend Demii sitting on the couch in towels sipping wine. My wife’s best friend Demii was having some problems with her husband and was stating with us for a little while. my wife coco said she was gonna go take a nap and that i should watch tv with Demii and keep her company! once we were alone Demii said she wanted to get more comfortable and stripped her towel off, she was just wearing a string bikini with a G string. i was trying to just focus on the tv but i couldn’t take my eyes off her amazing body, she noticed and got a smile on her. we started flirting and Demii was being pretty aggressive, i knew i should stop since my wife was asleep in the next room but i just couldn’t. Demii reached over and grabbed my hard dick through my shorts then before i knew what was happening she was between my legs jerking me off! when i came i made her promise that she would never tell my wife, i did feel really bad but fuck it felt so good! i think i’m really gonna like my wife’s slutty friend staying with us!

This is part 2 of Visit from My Wife’s Slutty Friend, this series stars Demii God and Coco Vandi. this is a POV Milf Cheating Hsndjob scene

Visit From Wifes Slutty Friend Part 3

I woke up to my beautiful wife coco giving me an amazing blowjob, it felt perfect. i was really getting into and then i noticed the bedroom door was partially open and and demii was watching us. then things got even hotter, demii parted her bathrobe and started masturbating while locking eyes with me. i was really getting into it and felt my nut building, then i glanced at the clock and realized coco was gonna be late for work. i told coco what time it was and she jumped off and ran into the bathroom to shower. my wife yelled that she was sorry for not getting me off, then heard the water turn on. Demii came into the room and took off her robe, i told her she had to leave. she said she felt bad for me and wanted to help me finish. i didn’t have time to protest before Demii put her mouth around my cock. i could hear my wife in the shower while her best friend sucked me off in our bed.

This is part 3 of Visit From My Wife’s Best Friend, this series stars Demii God. this is a POV Cheating Milf Blowjob scene.

Visit From Wifes Slutty Friend Part 4

I had a really bad day at work and with my wife’s hot slutty friend Demii staying with us i was even more stressed. me and Demii had been fooling around behind my wife Coco’s back and the guilt had really been getting to me. so to say i was shocked when i walked into my bedroom after work and saw Demii laying on my bed naked was a understatement. i asked Demii what she was doing and she just smiled at me and patted the bed next to her. i knew it was wrong but i just didn’t care, so i took my clothes off and jump on the bed. Demii sucked my dick for a little while and then she sat down on my dick and we started fucking. after a little while i was so into pounding Demii that i didn’t hear my wife Coco come in. coco opened the bedroom door while i was mid thrust in Demii, we started arguing but then Coco did something that really surprised me, she joined in!

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