DickDrainers – Emma Starletto – Clueless Blonde Regrets Going Home With Creepy Black Stranger

Well…hello there. Look at you. Blocking the stairs on your phone. There’s a lobby downstairs you know. But I can tell that you don’t want to go down there. Can’t get too comfortable.

And that outfit? It’s certainly attention grabbing. You’re hiding out here but I can tell you want to be found. You like to get noticed. I can tell by the way you look at me when I say hello. The way those beautiful blue eyes pierce mine as you talk to me. You want someone to come to your rescue. You need someone to help you out. You need me. I invite you in. And you accept that invitation. The invitation of a complete stranger. Oh sure I might have seen your friends around. But you don’t know me. And yet….you trust me. You want me. So you walk in front of me. Slowly. So your beautiful ass jiggles in my face as you go up every step. It’s like magic. Like a mating dance. You’re making your intentions known. You have some Time. And you’re down for whatever.

So you take a seat. You ask for something to drink. No doubt so that later, you can blame any wild behavior on that. You lie to yourself. You like to think you’re a good girl. Shy, pretty. But no good girl dresses like this. No good girl flirts like that. No good girl follows a stranger home. No. You’re not a good girl. You’re a bad girl.

And no sooner than 5 minutes of you being in my house, you prove me right. See, I wasn’t expecting company. I didn’t have time to clean up. I may have left certain things out. Certain things you weren’t meant to see. Certain things you couldn’t have seen. Unless of course…you got nosy. You got nosy and walked around, and picked things up. I can’t blame you. There’s news reports on TV. Your mind probably started alerts once you were alone in the living room. I was careless. Hey, maybe you’re just observant. Who knows? But one thing I do know is this….I can’t let you leave.

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