Hunterslair - Broke down and hunted in the woods

Hunterslair – Broke down and hunted in the woods

Gigi drives down a desolent road realizing that she is lost when her car start making a funny sound. She pulls over to investigate and discovers she has a flat tire. She tries her cell phone but can’t get any signal, she kicks the tire in frustration when she thinks she hears someone in the woods nearby. She calls out thinking that maybe it is a homeless guy who she can convince to change her tire in exchange for some food or cash. Gigi wanders into the woodline hoping to get help. Walking a few meters into down a path she is suddenly grabbed from behind and before she can scream he has his hand clamped tightly over her mouth. Gigi struggles punching back at her assailant with little effect, he forces an old rag into her mouth and puts her in a choke hold. He tells her to stop struggling as he squeezes her throat under his arm. Scared of being choked Gigi stops punching and lowers her arms and he stops choking and pulls out a roll of duct tape and wraps it tightly over her mouth and around her head. He pulls her arms behind her back as she feels her elbows meet he wraps ropes tightly around her arms pinning her elbows tightly together. Gigi recovers from the choke hold and realizes that if she doesn’t try to escape now she will be tightly bound and gagged and will not have another chance. So as he cinches her elbows tight she makes her move and kicks at his shins with her stiletto heeled boots and stomps on his foot. He instictively releases his hold to grab for his injured foot when Gigi makes her break and runs down the path. She has no idea where the path leads or even if the thug is in pursuit or not, with her elbows fused tightly together and her mouth taped shut she knows she is handicapped and it won’t take long before her adrenaline rush is over. She has to put as much distance between herself and her assailant as possible before she will be winded. She runs blindly into the woods with her hands flapping uselessly behind her back and breathing hard from having her mouth taped shut. Exhaustion begins to set in as she begins to stummble through the woods, she has to rest for a minute and leans against a tree. She looks back and listens but she can only hear her heavy breathing. She has to get rid of the hated gag and try to free her arms, she rubs her face on the tree in hopes that the rough bark will rip off the tape, but the tape holds fast and doesn’t rip or budge. She then turns and rubs the ropes around her elbows on the tree hoping that she can fray the rope or roll it down her arms. But once again her hopes are dashed and the ropes bite deep into the soft flesh around her elbows. She tries to reach up with her free hands to rip at the gag but with her elbows welded tightly together she can’t reach the gag. She catches her breath and tries to think of how she is going to get out of the ropes and find help. Her only hope is to find her way out of the woods and get to a road in hopes of flagging down a car. Gigi takes a deep breath and looks around and listens before continuing her trek through the woods. She wanders for a while when she thinks she hears someone coming, not sure if it is help or her assailant she looks around for a place to hide. She sees a dense bunch of palms and gets down on her knees and crawls into the palms to hide. And not a minute too soon as she sees her masked assailant coming up the path. He is carrying more rope and doesn’t look pleased at all. She holds her breath and watches from her hiding place while he walks down the path looking for her. She tries to make herself as small as possible waiting for him to pass and praying he doesn’t see her hiding. Gigi watches him walk down a path and waits until he is completely out of sight and struggles to her feet. She head down a path in the opposite direction to put distance between her and her hunter. Lost, scared, confused and exhausted she is ready to give up hope and doesn’t hear him as he rushes out of the trees and tackles her to the ground. Gigi falls hard on her side without the use of her hands to help break her fall she has the wind knocked out of her. He grabs her feet and crosses her booted ankles and ties them tightly together. Gigi tries desperately to grab the ropes to keep him from binding her ankles but it is all futile as he easily overpowers her and the ropes tighten around her booted ankles. He then binds her wrists as Gigi begs and cries into her gag, he pulls the rope from her ankles up to her now bound wrists and brutally hogties her on the ground. Completely helpless now she can’t stop him from doing whatever he pleases to her. He rolls her on her side and pulls her tits out of her blouse and tells her that he is going to find some food and because she lead him on the chase he doesn’t plan to return until late tonight as punishment for her escape. He gets up and leaves her hogtied and helpless on the ground. He tells her that wild animals inhabit the woods and he hopes she isn’t eaten while he is gone. Gigi watches in horror as he walks away leaving her helpless to defend herself, she screams and cries into her gag rolling around on the the forest floor totally helpless

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