Lew Rubens Alpha Productions – Ashley Lane Bikini Bound – Part 1

Poor Ashley Lane. If she would just be a little more careful maybe she wouldn’t find herself in so much trouble all the time. But maybe she likes trouble? Ashley, wearing only a bikini and heels, is getting ready to leave to the beach and gets a knock at her door. She opens it to find two gas company guys who might appear a bit suspicious to some of us. They tell her that there have been gas leaks reported in the area and they want to come in to make sure she is “safe”. Ashley, impatient and in a hurry, makes a quick decision that could cost her a lot and invites them in. It’s all downhill from there for Ashley but the would be robbers are very happy and quickly up their game to and white slavery. One of the robbers appears to be a bumbling fool but he seems to have some bondage skills? Stay tuned for parts 2 thru 4 of this fun little cliffhanger mini movie. This was a custom video and we had great fun making it. I love that this custom guy insisted on keeping the high heels on Ashley throughout the video!
The two men grab Ashley and throw her to the floor. Her arms and legs are tightly tied with rope and she is gagged with cloth and tape. She is rolled up in a blanket and carried to the bedroom

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