Ludella Hahn – From Beakers to Bottles

(ABDL Age Regression Revenge Backfires on Scientist)

“Ludella is a scientist who had just found out that her project collaborator has been taking sole credit for their work and was just given a huge promotion for his work on the project. Luckily she has been working on a little private project of her own: an age regression tonic, and she is now going to test out it’s abilities on her partner. He can’t take credit if his blabber is reduced to babbling, now can he? She’ll take sole credit then!

To trick him into drinking it, she’s propose a toast to him, but of course she’s spiked his glass with her formula…as far as she knows… She has no idea that he actually switched the glasses on her as he was spying on her the whole time. When he loudly enters to catch her attention (after sneaking in), she proposes a toast to “HIS success” (to feed his vanity) and only reveals to him her plan after he’s finished the glass. “You’ll be regressing soon! And you’ll never be able to take credit for anything again! …you what? You switched the glasses?! When?!” She stumbles back as the tonic starts to take effect. “No! No, this can’t be happening! This–This—” POOF

“This int faiwa!” She gasps. “My voice? I–I—tell my mommy on you! You a mean man!” She pops back into her adult mind for a second and comments on how impressive the results actually are, but mid sentence she regresses to little again and has a temper tantrum. She eventually falls down as she regresses more and shows up her skirt to see her “muhmaid pannies.” Then she tries to get back up, all bent over with her bum sticking out of her very poofy dress. When she gets back up, she’s thirsty, so she drinks the rest of her tonic and POOF! She’s in nothing but a diaper. Gasp! “This is accelerating faster than I thought. I’m already in my gagagagaga” She falls hard on her butt and begins crying. POV puts a pacifier in her mouth and she sucks on it for a while before spitting it out. Most of the video is spent in this phase. She plays with her feet, crawls around, makes sounds and noises with her mouth, buzzing her lips, and tries standing up with not great success, falling back to the ground, which seems to wake her adult mind for one last shot of panic. “This transformation is almost complete! You need to help before I’m stuck like this forever! Find the an–neee—-anneeeote.” She yawns and says it’s time for “nanite” and curls up to sleep.”

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