Ludella Hahn - Like Zoinks! Velma is a Werewolf! Transformation


Ludella Hahn – Like Zoinks! Velma is a Werewolf! Transformation

elma comes in holding her hand. She says she was bitten by the werewolf suspect that’s been scaring the local town. She came back, but Fred and Daphne are still chasing it. She can’t believe the suspect bit her like some kind of animal! Of course there’s no such thing as werewolves and no reason to be afraid. You want to see the wound? *gasp* Jinkies! It’s gone! It was there just 5 minutes ago. Of course there has to be a reasonable explanation. Perhaps it didn’t break her skin afterall. But then Shaggy notices that Velma suddenly looks prettier and more feminine like she has makeup on, and her shoes have transformed to high heels. Now she’s licking her lips and acting flirtatious, and horny. She’s complimenting your muscles and scent, saying she wants to pounce on you. Her breasts go larger, her skirt gets shorter, and her socks are now sexy stockings. She pushes you down and mounts you. She feels amazing and powerful. She rides you while rubbing her HUGE TITS and bares her…FANGS? Zoinks! She says she’ll devour you.

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