Ludella Hahn – The Breast Christmas Cookies Ever

“I just LOVE Christmas. I really do. It truly is the most wonderful time of the year. I just wish it were more like those holiday romance movies though…handsome leading man comes in and sweeps me off my feet…that would be perfect…” A nerdy Ludella daydreams as she sips her cocoa when there’s a knock at the door. “I wonder who that could be…”

Ludella opens the door with a huge grin, “Happy Holidays—” But there’s nobody there. “Hmm…I wonder where they went…” She looks down to discover a bag of treats. “Christmas cookies! I wonder who these are for…” She’s elated when she reads the tag addressed to her. “For me? Nobody ever sends me Christmas cookies. I wonder who left them for me…”

She settles back down on her bed…and back to her daydreaming. “What if they’re from a secret admirer and this is the spark that ignites us? First, cookies…next, a ring on my finger! These could be from my handsome leading man like in the movies! Mmmm…they smell so good…” She takes a bite and moans with delight. “Mmmmm…” She’s so tantalized by her tastebuds that she doesn’t notice her breasts have begun to inflate. They grow larger and larger, busting through the buttons of her holiday sweater. She looks down in disbelief just as they finish they’re expansive growth spurt.

“Is this real? No, no. I must be dreaming. Just a touch of indigestion. I must have eaten too many Christmas cookies before bed…but…they feel real…” She moans when she touches them. “I’ve never heard of non-surgical breast expansion. Either these cookies are magic or they’re laced with some kind of breast growth formula. I guess the only way to know for sure is to try eating more…” She takes another bite and her boobs inflate again. They grow so HUGE that they start tearing through her shirt. She takes off her glasses, unable to believe that this is really happening.

“This can’t be real…Who sent me these cookies?” But it’s not long before she begins to feel a little funny…for the bimbo love potion is starting to kick in… “I feel strange… I’ve never felt like this before… I just feel so…aroused…and hungry…like I just have to be FILLED…” Her nerdy awkward demeanor changes and she’s now as bubbly as a bimbo. She plays with her GIANT TITS, bouncing them up and down and pinches her big erect nipples, moaning… She begins licking one of the gingerbread men as she bounces up and down with her massive tits. Just as she’s really starting to get into it, there’s a knock at the door. “I wonder who that could be…”

She opens the door in her tattered shirt with her erect nipples on full display to discover POV, who reveals that the cookies are from him. “You? The cookies are from you?” The love potion has fully taken effect now and she looks at POV with immense desire. “You are so sexy… The very sight of you has me so aroused. And those cookies were the BREAST cookies I’ve ever tasted. Please COME INSIDE. Let me thank you for the cookies.” She pulls POV into her apartment and sits him on the edge of her bed. She straddles him and bounces up and down with her giant tits in his face, moaning in delight. “Mmmm…I still have a little bit of the cookies left. Want to see how much bigger we can make my breasts? Would you like that?” She grins seductively before taking a bite, and her boobs inflate some more.

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