The Mystery Gang have split up to investigate the strange disappearance of vials from a research center when Velma stumbles upon an empty one right outside an unmarked office her research has shown to be vacant. She finds fingerprints on the doorknob that match the vial and finds it a just reason to enter. She discovers a hidden laboratory inside and discovers that the vials have been “Growth Hormone.”

She accidentally knocks over the beaker when she’s putting it back on the table and the liquid spills everywhere. In a panic she tries to scoop it back in, but now it’s all over her hands! She wipes them on her shirt, transferring all the liquid to her chest. Suddenly there are strange noises as her chest bubbles and moves…then BOING BOING BOING! Her breasts grow gigantic! Like two big bouncing basketballs. She’s shocked… “Jinkies! I have…giant jugs! What am I going to do? The gang is supposed to be meeting me here and my tits are HUGE!” But with those big boobs came a sexual overdrive and Velma is suddenly drawn to her nipples. She moans in pleasure while she plays with her big bouncy chest, squeezing them together and bouncing them–playing with her nipples and biting her lips. “I just can’t help it…I feel so…so…JINKIES! I’m horny!”

She presses herself into the medical table, thrusting her hips into it. “I just want Shaggy to SHAG ME! …what am I saying…? I just can’t help it! It’s like that growth hormone has turned me into a sex crazed bimbo…” She plays with her big tits, gyrating and moaning, no longer worried about what the gang will think. The only thing on her mind now is sex. She unhinged the table’s stirrups, “I’ve always wanted to do this,” she says, putting her feet into them. “I’ll be waiting right here…ready…”

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