POV’s roommate is crazy in love with him…but she’s also a super awkward, short flat-chested & clumsy nerd, so he has no interest. He’s trying to finish up testing on a body modification remote he’s been developing for his company when she interupts him to try to hit on him and she doesn’t seem to get the hint that he wants her to leave. He gets so frustrated that he actually uses the remote on her, making her unable to move her body, though she can still move her eyes and speak. “Hey, what did you do to me? Why can’t I move my body? What? You’re developing a body modification remote? I don’t believe that! There’s no way that thing can modify a person’s body…”

He decides to prove it to her, first making her grow from very short to a more average height. He also increases her bust size. Then he starts zapping away her clothes piece by piece. She becomes mortified, and then angry that he’s seen her naked. He even zaps away her nerdy glasses. Then he makes a sexy lingerie set appear on her, which turns her anger back into interest. “Oh….is this how you like to see me? In sexy lingerie? Does this mean I have a chance? Are we boyfriend and girlfriend now? I can’t wait to tell everyone—” Before she can continue rattling off her expectations and excitement he begins to slow down her voice as she’s speaking until it is much more mellow. THEN, he makes her meow liek a cat. At first it’s just random meows mid-sentence, but then all she can do is meow. She sounds silly and kind of scary. He doesn’t stop there though. He actually makes her grow a tail, turns her nails into sharp claws, and makes her grow ears and fangs. Then she arches and gets on her hands and knees, still unable to move of her own accord. He’s transformed her into a cat girl! Then he leaves her there, putting the remote back on his lab table.

When he slams the door, the remote falls to the floor and hits the button that lets her move again. She’s still meowing, so she grabs the remote and presses a button that returns her voice, though she sounds different now…sexy and more confident. She’s angry at him for doing this to her, but she’s never felt more sexy or powerful. She plays with her huge new tits, her fangs, and her tail, moving her curvaceous figure. “I even have cat-like agility!” With great speed, she leaps and races around the room. Then she remembers that POV did this to her, and even though she’s happy, she knows he did it without good intentions, she she vows to get revenge. “Oh, he wants me to be a cat then? Well, I’ll be an even BIGGER cat when he returns–GIANT and FERAL.” She takes the remote and makes her voice more monstrous, as well as her size, growing to giantess proportions. Her tail flickers wildly as she grows and roars. When POV returns an hour later…she booms into view with her giant steps and stares at him hungry and menacingly, licking her fangs and lips while towering above him, her head to the ceiling. “You want to know where your sexy catgirl went?” She pounces straight for him with a roar and BITES with her GIANT FANGS.

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