Obey Nikita – Slave driver 3

I told my slut-boi chauffeur that I might allow it to fuck my Louboutin knee-high boots at my dungeon in part 2, but I decided to whip it with my single tail instead. You see… it really does not like pain so making it suffer for my sadistic whims is so much fun and so fulfilling… for me anyway. Sure, I
love whipping you little pain-sluts raw to the bone, but making my little not-so-pain-loving pet bleed for my pleasure is what makes living this lifestyle so rewarding. It’s mine so I don’t really have to worry about what it wants or leaving welt marks on its skin. In fact, those marks are even better when they last a long time.

Mistress Nikita is reneging on a promise to allow its slave to fuck Her Louboutin knee-high boots, and chooses instead that the slave deserves some whipping. This is clearly better for the Mistress, and since the slave dislikes it, it is also better for it! She then whips the slave, leaving the marks of the lashes on its back. Finally, the slave is allowed to thank the Goddess, by licking and kissing Her boots.

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