PKF Studios – Valentina Nappi – Supergirl Savaged

Weakened by kryptonite, Supergirl has been bound to a chair. Stripped of her signature red trunks, her well-trimmed pussy is exposed and a powerful vibrator is torturing her superclit. She struggles futilely against the restraints and begs for mercy. Supergirl’s nipples grow hard and poke through her costume, despite her pleas for the sexual torture to stop.

Supergirl cums hard and against her will. Her evil captors tie her to a bed and double penetrate the sexy superheroine. One thug pounds her wet snatch while the other shoves his cock in her mouth to muffle her cries. They lift up her shirt and fondle her big jugs. Supergirl is thoroughly debased and forced to suck the villains balls, while her pussy is defiled. They flip Supergirl over and take turns railing the thick heroine doggystyle.

Eventually, Supergirl gets into the sexual punishment. She sucks off both fiends at the same time, choking their big dicks down like a good super slut. Maybe if she plays nice they will spare her… Supergirl is rewarded with thick, ropey loads all over her chin, S logo, and big titties. She demands to be released, but one of the thugs snaps her kryptonite-weakened neck like a twig. They leave her body bound to the x-frame for the Justice League to find.

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