Primal’s Darkside Superheroine – Breaking In Batgirl – Sarah Brooke & Alura Jenson

Batgirl hunts down new mob boss Big Bolzini, but she wasn’t prepared for his hired muscle: the relentless and ungodly strong Blue Demon. Batgirl is shocked to see the malevolent amazon outside of a prison cell, but apparently Bolzini has some major connections. Batgirl’s willing to go through Blue Demon to take down Bolzini, but Blue Demon can’t help but laugh at her. “Go through me? Aw, honey. Wonder Woman barely took be down. Heh, heh, you’re no Wonder Woman!” Batgirl tries her tool belt and her , but all she does is make Blue Demon annoyed, a lesson quickly learned when Batgirl finds herself gasping for air and at Blue Demon’s mercy.

Per Bolzini’s instruction, Blue Demon has left Batgirl tied up and gagged in the storage room. She squirms in her restraints, desperately but futilely trying to escape.

Batgirl now finds herself in a new form of bondage. Her hands hang above her head, and a bar keeps her legs apart. Still gagged, she struggles in fear as Blue Demon approaches. Have experienced the villainess’ raw physical strength first-hand, the scared superheroine knows that even if she could escape, she doesn’t stand a chance. Blue Demon runs her hands over Batgirl’s body. “I’ve been in prison for very a long time. Mmm, I’ve learned a lot. I’ve made so many women my bitch… but you’re gonna be my favorite.” With her boss’s permission, Blue Demon’s decided to giver herself a present. She flaunts a powerful black vibrator as she tells Batgirl of her fate. “After I make you cum really hard for me, I’m gonna make you eat my pussy. And Imma get a big hard strap-on, and then I’m gonna fuck you into pieces with it.” Batgirl has nothing to say on the matter, being gagged and horrified. Blue Demon turns on the toy and presses it between Batgirl’s forcibly spread legs, controlling the humiliated heroine’s orgasms and laughing at her helpless moans of pleasure.

Batgirl comes to on the floor. Her hands are bound, but she is free enough to crawl on her hands and knees at Blue Demon’s demand. With the cloth gag out of her mouth, Batgirl is quickly gagged again by Blue Demon’s big black strap-on. The villainess taunts her while she sucks the strap-on, telling her how brutally her and her boss are going to use her. “I’d facefuck a hole in the back of your head if I didn’t have to turn you over to Mr. Bolzini.” Blue Demon shoves Batgirl onto her ass and removes her boots. “Now I’m gonna watch your pretty toes curl… while I fuck the out of you.”

Batgirl awakens weak and disrobed when Blue Demon’s stunning amazonian body slinks up behind her. Effortless for the mighty villainess, she flips Batgirl onto her back and starts eating her pussy. Batgirl is disgusted, but Blue Demon laughs when she makes her cum. When she’s done, Blue Demon tells Batgirl it’s her turn.

Now that Blue Demon’s had her fun breaking in her favorite bitch, Bolzini wakes Batgirl from her brief rest. “As long as you have that mask on, no matter what I do to you, you still have something to lose,” he tells her with a smirk. The mob boss shoves his huge dick into her mouth, gagging her instantly. When she tells him she doesn’t want to suck it, he tells her, “That’s alright, you have other holes I can use.” Bolzini throws her back and pulls her legs open. Within moments, Batgirl feels like she’s being split apart but is too weak and afraid to resist with more than words. She moans and whimpers, the fight fucked out of her.

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