The Battle For Earth – Super Sex Toy Part II Part A

Starring: Coco, Kayla Coyote, Jesse Dean

With the threat of bombs exploding taking out Metropolis, SG, now dressed in a kryptonite mesh body suit is forced into an extended workout. Delays or obstinance are met with an electrified shock collar. Toyman’s doll assists the workout with an electrified flogger, water sprayed to the face, flour in the face, forced extra weight and multiple painful snaps of WW’s lasso secured to the shock collar and running taught through heroine’s power center. SG manages to survive the workout despite the kryptonite mesh body suit and is forced to accept a faceoff with Toyman’s doll. Despite her situation, SG is still convinced she can win against the doll and soon finds herself receiving painful lessons. With no ability to defend herself, Toyman’s Doll straps on and SG’s situation goes from bad to worse. Find out what happens later when Toyman shows up with a selection of toy SG dolls with the intention of controlling her.

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  • your videos are unwatchable. too many popups

    • Fetishman 3 weeks ago

      We didn’t put popups there, Issue is on video hosting side, If you want to watch them for free then you should get over it.